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  Jeffrey Maaren had his first taste of good cooking as a child. His Father loved spicy and exotic tastes, while his Spanish Mother made foods reminiscent of the Old World.


Paige O'Meara knew she was going to be a good cook at a very early age.  The youngest daughter in a Mid-Western family, Paige began cooking the family meals at ten years old!


"Welcome To Your Online Kitchen!"®   This site showcases one of the first internet-only cooking shows!

Summer Fare



It's warm outside, so a fast, easy, and delicious menu is in order. Jeff shows how to prepare Salmon Piccata en Papillote, a roasted salmon in the oven with lemons, capers, dill, garlic, shallots, and white wine. Then Jeff prepares La Playa Chicken, a juicy and flavorful grilled chicken dish made with a savory and spicy marinade.


Lefover Makeover



Jeff and Paige don't know what to do with all the holiday meal leftovers. Soon, they devise six different ways to use all those leftovers and transform them into brand new tasty dishes.


Easy As Pizza Pie


We love pizza! Doesn't matter which style, we love it. We'll show you how to make both Deep Dish and Thin crust styles from start to finish, including the dough. You might be afraid of making dough or bread, but it isn't that difficult. We'll also show you a delicious Triple Cheese Onion bread that your family and friends will love.

Cheese Fantastico



Jeff & Paige think they have the best cheese sauce, they need you to decide. Recipes include Paige's Easy Stovetop Shells, Jeff's White Cheddar Pasta, and a tour of the Seattle Cheese Festival.


Cooking for 1 or 2



Jeff & Paige decide to prepare smaller meals that won't lead to so many leftovers and to combat winter weight gain. New recipes include Paige's Pasta Perfection, Southwestern Tortilla Casserole, Easy Savory Fish Bake, and Italian Chicken for 2. Learn about strategies to use when you're preparing food as a single or couple.

Great Grillin'



Jeff & Paige prepared for a party on their rooftop deck by preparing Chicken & Shrimp skewers, "Zippy Joe" burgers, grilled corn on the cob, and more.


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    The Savory Entrée is the first online-only cooking show, featuring themed seasonal episodes.


    We show you how to cook using fresh, local ingredients you can find in your local grocery store. The Savory Entrée values your privacy. We do not sell any personal information you offer us to anyone.  We here at Savory Entree would love to hear from you!  If it is a question or comment in regards to a recipes, blogs or episode please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us directly on our website or feel free to write us.


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    Most of all, we love hearing from all of the other foodies and amazing ideas when it comes to spicing it up in the kitchen.


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